2022.03.02 Press Release

SFX Library is now available on Evoke Music to help you with a more creative video making experience

ー From people’s voices to environmental sound, we have collected all the SFXs necessary for great Youtube/gaming videos. ー

We are pleased to announce that Amadeus Code, Inc.(Headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo. CEO: Jun Inoue)  has newly added more than 10 thousand SFXs to the music streaming service “Evoke Music”. Diverse series of SFX(examples: environmental sound, jingle, noises) are now available for people that need sounds for their creation, such as video creators. Creators can embrace their creativity in their video and other content with these royalty-free SFXs.  

“Sound” is necessary for creating videos. Needless to say, BGMs are important; on top of that, adding a high-quality SFX can strongly affect the quality of the overall video. Evoke Music has been providing music that is usable for videos and events. However, recently, we spotted an increase of needs in SFX that express movement and the atmosphere with sound and affect people’s feelings. This had led Evoke Music to add an SFX library full of different genres and patterns, which are all royalty-free.

Examples of SFX: 

  • Laughter, a crowd of people, busy street, breathing, cough, heartbeat, other sounds related to the movement of people 
  • Waves, stream, walking on snow, environmental sound related to nature/weather such as rain
  • Hitting a tennis ball, sound related to sports such as swinging a golf club 
  • Robots, Machinery sound as motors, robot voices, doors in a spaceship, other Sci-fi sounds
  • The environmental sound that recreates the atmosphere of a battle scenery, such as bombs, exploding rockets, gunshots from machine guns
  • Short music that can be used as Sound Logos and Stings that are ideal for product promotion and branding of businesses 
  • SFX that can be used as an accent when changing the scene or that situation 
  • High pitch sounds of chimes and bells that make an impact in the video, comical sound of the xylophone
  • Powerful impact sound, glitch SFX which can be used with glitch effects

Select the link on the right to see all SFXs: https://evokemusic.ai/music/sfx

Creators can expand their range in creativity when making videos by easily finding and using SFX that is perfect for their video. The use of SFX is permitted for youtube videos, gaming videos, SNS, promotional videos of businesses. It can also be used for presentation slides to add movement and look more appealing.

We plan to extend the SFX library and the searching function further based on the usage trends striving for a better user experience. Amadeus Code will take part in expanding the creator economy and the music industry by providing diverse sound content supporting enthusiastic creators.  

◆ SFX Library

Able to select SFX from more than 10 thousand SFX files. Searching using words or onomatopoeia that expresses the mood.

◆  Wide variety of SFX

 SFX is accessible on the website, and download is available in WAV format.

◆ Creating a more innovative video using SFX  

Click here to watch the sample video

Click here to watch the sample video

Evoke Music / Evoke SFX

URL: https://evokemusic.ai/music/sfx

Using fee per month: Personal Subscription 1,050yen, Business Subscription 4,095yen

Evoke Music until now composed 12thousand songs using AI and is streaming 60thousand files. And recently, 10 thousand more SFX files were added to the library. We are a rapidly growing global service in which 70percent of our users live overseas (currently at February 2022).

【About Amadeus Code】

In 2019, we revolutionized music creation by developing an AI that automatically composes music, which we own the patent. Now we have two music-producing platforms: “Amadeus Code” and “Evoke Music”. On “Amadeus Code”, we provide a royalty-free audio library to support musicians and artists with their careers(currently available on iOS app and PC version). On the other hand, “Evoke Music” is a platform where video creators can find music by searching it by words. Through these two platforms, we aim to provide the music/video creators with an incredible experience and the possibility of expanding their innovative potential. The Amadeus Code team is currently developing products with the world’s best creator-supporting features. Using music, we aim to speed the world into a more humanly one that any people can be successful.   

Amadeus Code: https://amadeuscode.ai/

【Company Information】

Company Name: Amadeus Code, Inc. 

Corporate website:  https://amadeuscode.com/

Address: 2-14-4-5F Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 107-0061 Japan

Business Content: Plan, develop, operate the content in “Amadeus Code” and “Evoke Music”

Representative: Jun Inoue

【Contact Information from the Press】

Person in charge: Yoshizawa