2021.12.06 Press Release

Amadeus Code Expands Platform to Support Both Worldwide Video Creators and Companies Owning Sound Content

The first phase of the project provides sound content including SEGA’s game sound resources, character voices, and music.

Evoke Music has partnered with SEGA Corporation to provide audio content such as sound effects (short jingles and character voices) used in famous video games for video creators around the world. They are announcing that they have expanded their platform services to support the monetization of content for companies that own sound content, in addition to providing a boost to the creation of compelling videos.

The first part of the project involves providing sound content owned by SEGA Corporation on the music distribution platform Evoke Music operated by Amadeus Code. This approach will enable the world’s 50 million individual creators, who distribute and monetize their video content, to be easily and affordably licensed for familiar sound content, such as SEGA’s game sound samples, for use in their own video content. Meanwhile, companies that own sound content such as sound effects, voices, and songs, will have the opportunity to monetize their content through a global platform. Each company enables itself to expand the creator economy and monetize their own content by offering their own sound resources, such as unique sound effects, character voices, and music, to creators around the world. Copyright management and operations can be centrally managed on Evoke Music.

The sound content of the SEGA games Space Channel 5, Feel the Magic, and The Rub Rabbits! as well as previously unreleased music by musicians such as Yukihide YT Takiyama, a Los Angeles-based musician and support guitarist for B’z and Kyosuke Himuro will be available from December 6.

【Evoke Music
Service start: December 6, 2021 (Monday)
Monthly fee: Individual plan: 1,050 yen, Business plan: 4,095 yen

New sound content to be released:
Sound effects for the following game titles owned by SEGA
Feel the Magic
The Rub Rabbits!
Space Channel 5

Unreleased music by Yukihide YT Takiyama, etc.

◆ Evoke Music Top Page

Video creators can choose from a library organized as “Collections” by theme to match the atmosphere of their own videos. Select the “SEGA” collection for SEGA’s sound content.

◆ SEGA Collection Page

The library contains available SEGA game sound resources and character voices. Video creators can download the sound resources in a wav format and use the sound content in their own videos.

◆ Detailed Pages for Each Song

Evoke Music has composed 12,000 songs using AI song composition technology so far, and currently offers 60,000 files. Evoke Music is growing rapidly as a global service with approximately 120,000 users in 145 countries, with 58% of users overseas. (As of November 2021)

Through the innovative copyright management scheme established through this partnership, Amadeus Code will provide creators with a delivery network in which superior Japanese sound content can be used globally in combination with secondary videos, thus further expanding the domestic and international music markets and providing support for the overseas expansion of Japanese sound content.


Amadeus Code】

*Amadeus Code AI is a patented technology owned by Amadeus Code. It is a group of algorithms that apply computational technology for natural language processing in Japanese, and can generate an infinite number of songs in 4 seconds per song based on the style.

【Company Overview】
Company name: Amadeus Code https://amadeuscode.com/
Location: 2-14-4-5F Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
Business activities: Planning, development, and operation of music distribution applications Amadeus Code and Evoke Music
CEO: Jun Inoue

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