Amadeus Code

Our mission at Amadeus Code is to accelerate the realization of a world where everyone can shine, through music.

Founded in 2012 by a group of music producers who believe in the power of music to change the world, we began developing our composition AI, "MusicTGA," in 2016.

In 2019, we released "Amadeus Topline" as an iOS app, which achieved wide versatility across genres and an overwhelming generation speed of one song every four seconds, greatly enhancing the productivity of modern musicians.

In 2020, we launched "Evoke Music," a music platform that offers songs composed by MusicTGA. With the capability of text-based music search, Evoke Music makes it easy for anyone around the world to obtain music that matches their imaginations. Currently, hundreds of songs are composed each month in response to searches, and the platform continues to expand infinitely towards the future.

The superiority of our composition AI, "MusicTGA," lies in its copyright safety.

It generates rhythm, melody, and harmony based on "Licks," which are minimal viable sound phrases. We operate with 9 million licks, of which 99.5% are generated by MusicTGA itself, and 0.5% are our own copyright material. This mechanism allows us to clear the most important issue of copyright for music generated with AI.

All of Amadeus Code's music is produced in the virtual factory, "Amadeus Lab," which exists solely on the cloud. To achieve our goal of becoming the most supportive company for musicians in the world, we actively employ creators, engineers, and staff as musicians.

This is just the beginning. By providing the joy of music to society, Amadeus Code aims to create value by utilizing the effects of music in various applications, accelerating the realization of a world where everyone can shine.

This is the future we aspire to create.

Jun Inoue, CEO

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