Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code's mission is through music, to accelerate to a more inclusive world where everyone can shine.

Amadeus Code was founded in 2012 by a group of music producers who wanted to enhance the performance of music professionals using AI. AI can help generate a substantial quantity of songs in a time-efficient manner. Today, Amadeus Code is not only supporting music professionals, but is also generating functional music (fMusic™) based upon principles of science. In addition, we have a global music distribution platform.

We believe that Amadeus Code can take benefit of the inherent ability that music has to draw out and enhance the subliminal potential we all have with its advanced technology features.

We developed Amadeus Code's AI from the ground up. For our "Model A" project which was released as an iOS app in 2019, we showcased the cutting-edge unlimited song generation capacity of Amadeus Code's AI system. Model A dramatically improved the productivity of modern musicians with its multi-genre versatility and a phenomenal song generation speed of 4 seconds per song.

In 2020, we released Evoke Music, a searchable music-generating platform. Evoke Music has made it easy for anyone in the world to obtain hyper-casual music with top-end functionality. Currently, thousands of songs are generated each month, and we intend for the library to continue to expand indefinitely.

Our music is produced by the DDP Factory on the Internet. Amadeus Code actively hires musicians as designers to meet our goal of becoming the world's most supportive company for musicians. Each designer we hire needs to receive several days' worth of training before being accepted as a member of the DDP factory. The designers receive training on how music functions and on AI song creation. As a result, musicians have the opportunity to enhance their creative abilities, while at the same time creating work opportunities at the DDP Factory.

This is only the beginning. By offering the most affordable copyright clearance free music, Amadeus Code gives more and more people the opportunity to take full benefit of applying music in numerous ways. We hope that this will assist in developing the world we are seeking, an inclusive world where everyone shines.

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